Friday, June 29, 2001

Monday, June 25, 2001

Mark walks Rosco in Philly

Me and Rosco stroll the streets of Philadelphia

Zulu, how can you not love these dog's??

Derek........This picture speaks for itself....

Bill on the phone ordering more food...:)

Bill and Brent wail out a song for all to tape footage is available if the price is right!

Click Here To Download An Audio Clip Of The Above Photo

Bill and Derek, aka Hanz and Franz, Halloween '99 I think

"Why did Mike drag me on this boring tour of Madison Square Garden???....."
Mark in MSG Summer 2000

Ahhh....Little Brent Doty at 10 yrs old.....

Mark's Doggy Rosco

Bill and the "Captain" at the cottage in '99, I think....

Kelly on Halloween '99, I think...

Bill on Halloween,in like, '99 I think...posing as Hanz......